PSHK Membership Fee
Type Membership Fee Each Year
Full Member HKD 200
Student Member HKD 60

For Membership Fee payment, please contact the Honorary Treasurer (currently Prof. Junyi Zhu:

How much are your PSHK membership-fees worth?
  1. The PSHK has established 3000 HKD "PSHK Best Student Presentation" and 500 HKD "Poster" Awards
  2. Members of the PSHK receive privileges at sister societies such as discounted registration fees at conferences and workshops.
    • American Physical Society (APS)
    • Institute of Physics (I.O.P.), U.K
    • The Physical Society of Japan (JPS)
    Members of PSHK with valid PSHK membership card may register at these societies' conferences at their society membership rates.
    NEW PSHK website to speed card-issuing and membership record keeping.
  3. With your support the PSHK will continue to promote Physics and science in general, some examples are:
    • Annual Meeting of The Physical Society of Hong Kong
    • (2009) Guangdong - Hong Kong Joint Workshop on Physics
    • (2010) Laser fest: PSHK joined the LaserFest to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the invention of laser: Workshop on Optics at CUHK and two public lectures
    • Establishing of the "PSHK Lecturer of the year" 2013 recipient: Prof. Prof. Ming Chung Chu (CUHK)
    • Supported 17th Asian Physics Olympiad (APhO 2016) in Hong Kong with 220 student contestants from 26 countries/regions

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