PSHK Prizes and Awards

Both the PSHK Honorary Membership and PSHK Fellowship awards were established in 2018. The PSHK Honorary Membership recognizes individuals who have or have been engaged in the community of physical sciences or related fields in Hong Kong and demonstrated outstanding leadership in or service to physics-related education, research or applications in Hong Kong and/or meritorious contributions to PSHK. 

The PSHK Fellowship recognizes individuals who have or have been engaged in the community of physical sciences or related fields in Hong Kong and demonstrated exceptional scientific achievements in physics-related research and recognitions by his/her professional peers. 

PSHK Honorary Members

Prof. Kam Biu LUK (2022)

For his ground-breaking discoveries and exploration of neutrino oscillations; and for his dedication to promoting science in Hong Kong.

Prof. Michel A. Van Hove (2021)

For significant contributions to the Physical Society of Hong Kong as its Council Chairman and to physics in Hong Kong as Head of the Department of Physics and Materials Science of CityU, Acting Head and Head of the Department of Physics of HKBU, and Director of HKBU’s Institute of Computational and Theoretical Sciences.

Prof. Ping Sheng (2020)

"For his groundbreaking discoveries and exploration of acoustic metamaterials, soft matter and fluid dynamics; and for his dedication to promoting interdisciplinary and collaborative research in Hong Kong."
Prof. Kenneth Young (2019)
"For his outstanding contributions to the betterment of science and technology in Hong Kong"
Prof. Chen-Ning Yang (2018)
"For his profound and inspiring influence on Physics and the Sciences in Hong Kong."
Prof. Paul C.W. Chu (2018)
"For extensive services rendered to physics in Hong Kong as President of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology for 8 years (2001-2009)."
Prof. Fuchun Zhang (2018)
"For his seminal contribution to the theory of superconductivity and strongly correlated electronic systems, and his service to the Physical Society of Hong Kong and the physics community in the Asia Pacific region."

PSHK Fellows

Prof. Wei BAO (2022)

For his seminal works on correlated electron systems and disordered quantum systems subjected to the extreme conditions using neutron scattering techniques.

Prof. Jiannong Wang (2021)

For her groundbreaking discoveries and exploration of semiconductor heterostructures and quantum materials.

Prof. Ping Sheng (2020)
"For his seminal contributions to a large number of diverse physics problems and outstanding services to the academia of Hong Kong and Greater China."
Prof. Ming Chung Chu (2019)
"For his seminal contribution in many areas of physics including astrophysics, cosmology and particle physics, and in particular for his work at the Daya Bay Neutrino experiment; and for his dedication to Science education and outreach in Hong Kong"

Prof. Che Ting Chan (2018)
“For his pioneering theoretical contributions to the fundamental research of photonic crystals and metamaterials, and many years of efforts in transforming college students’ perception of physics and promoting physics to the general public"

Best Student Presentation Award and Best Poster Award

During each Annual Conference, we present Best Student Presentation Award(s) and PSHK Best Student Poster Award(s), each of which respectively carries certain amount of book vouchers. We also issue a certificate to each winner.


Any postgraduate student studying any physics-related discipline in Hong Kong who is selected to give a talk or presents a poster is eligible to be considered for these prizes.

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